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MERCY begat mercy One business man went bankruptcy because of a wrong business idea he invested on. He borrowed money from a wealthy business man and invested it on his business but things didn't go as expected and he can't pay the huge money he borrowed at the time agreed upon. Then the wealthy business man arrested the man that owed him money, But the man began crying and pleaded to the wealthy business man, saying '' 'pls have mercy on me, I've got it all wrong, things didn't went as I planned, pls show mercy, help me pls. And the wealthy man was moved with compassion and showed him Mercy, He ordered that he should be released and he forgave him all the money he owed. The man was happy and thanked the wealthy man. when the man got home he went to those owing him little amounts and arrested them, telling them that '' until you pay my money you won't be release, you people got me indebted. Then one person saw what the business man did to those that owed him money and he went to report the business man to the wealthy man who forgave him all his debts. When the wealthy man heard what the business man had done he was furious and arrested him again and told him 'You wicked unforgiving person, I forgave you all the millions you owed me and shew you mercy because you begged me but you have refused to show Mercy for people who owed you little money, You'll remain in prison until you too pay my money, as you've refused to show mercy to those poor people so I'll also refused to show you mercy, Is this true life story pointing to YOU. In this life there will always be someone you're better than, did you show mercy when necessary or you're thinking you're better than them? remember life is breathing hard on the neck of many than You, IF life is gentle on you show mercy, youve been shown mercy one way or the other likewise be merciful to others, life is turn by turn what's coming next you have no idea of, be MERCIFUL

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LEADERSHIP is an action of leading a group of people or an organisation, right? But Leadership isn't about positions alone, It's Attitudes. Who cares more, who takes more responsibility, Your attitudes, your caring, your been responsible must be consistent If you want to be a Leader. Lead by example, have tolerance, show love, show that you really cares. A leader should distinct himself, but most leaders today are a wash, they're just a figure head, nothing more. A leader must see as if he didn't see he must hear as if he didn't hear, You as a leader must limit your dictatorship and correction, the interests of the people must be paramount, You must not be greedy, self centred or quick to reacts when offended. Above all A good leader must have secrets, unbiased and generous. 1 prophet in Nigeria was taught how to be a good shepherd by an angel, He was directed to the forest by the spirit of God, as he was going a dangerous insect bites him on his thigh, and it really hurts him, then he stretched out his hand to kill the insect which is already sucking his blood but as he stretches out his hand to smash the insect, an angel appeared to him, holding sharp shinning sword, and the angel told him, don't kill that insect allow it to continue sucking your blood. but its really paining him as the insects kept sucking his blood. He stretches out his hand again to remove the insect as he couldn't bare it anymore, but the Angel stretched out his sword and told him'' If you kill that insect I will cut off your hand then the prophet endured the pain until the insect suck and sucked his blood until the insect drop dead. Then the Angel told him that' 'As you Endured for this insect to suck your blood without reacting so shall you Endure for my people my flocks ill put in your Care. You see anyone who calls himself a leader without endurance is worst than a criminal because different kinds of people with different attitudes you're leading can make you lose control if you don't have endurance. Not only leaders, Endurance must also be in marriages, without it divorce is the results. Anything you're doing you need endurance''what is your level of endurance? if it's below 35 you're less human you can't succeed in anything in this life, so have tolerance and pls encourage us, ads isn't your enemy Tolerate them

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Life is Good and bad, ups and downs, Read carefully my proverb poem. 2 creatures were coming from heaven, they were family, One is named BAD and his sister named GOODNESS, BAD was the senior, The junior one said to his brother and said brother, If we reach the world what will you be doing, Her brother said I will be a teacher teaching mankind with pain, so that they can learn, and whoever I teach and they learnt from me '' BAD'' very well you my sister ,'GOODNESS' 'will go and live with them. Then the sister of BAD which is GOODNESS argued that, must everyone learn from you,?' 'Me GOODNESS I will go and live with anyone I like, I will be a COMFORTER , l will show MERCY to who I want to show Mercy, then her brother which is BAD said anyone that has learnt from me are the ones you GOODNESS must live with, don't argue with me am the eldest OK. As they near the border of the world 2 of them changed, GOODNESS changed and became a beautiful BABY but the eldest BAD changed and became the placenta, so one woman who had no babies was coming and saw the beautiful baby and immediately had compassion and carried the baby and left the placenta. Many other people also passed on and no one touch or carry the placenta, and it became angry and changed again to air with annoyance to whirl wind and began chasing mankind, teaching and inflicting them with hardship. He goes to wherever he saw mankind who has hatred, rejection, sadness, but GOODNESS lives with those who had compassion and mercy for others and passion, now guys what do you have?? until you start helping others thats when GOODNESS will start following you, some have wickedness, they don't want to help at all, some have enough to eat and throws many foods away while their neighbour went hungry, it's wickedness, Let change, its applies to everyone, the story was a true spiritual story that's happening in our day to day LIFE 

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You as a Rich man needs good wine for your belly and general wellbeing There’s a red wine for every occasion - whether you’re a wine connoisseur or a beginner! You could relish a cheery young Beaujolais Nouveau at your dinner table, or wait for a fine Bordeaux to age to perfection in your cellar for decades.

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THE BEAUTY & THE UGLY A man wanted to get married in the olden days but he had 2 ladies infront of him. One is beautiful but has bad attitudes, she doesn't know how to cook, she does not respects his manfriend,  The 2nd lady was well mannered full of respect knows how to cook delicious foods, but she's ugly. So the man was confused '' what will I do now he murmured, I love the 1st lady but she's very rude and slaps me often, besides she doesn't even know how to cook, but the 2nd lady  has many things I'm looking for in a lady, she's neat, she's nice, she can cook, and she's full of respect but she's ugly. Later the man went to a prophet and cried '' prophet save me I had 2 ladies I wanted to marry and both of them has agreed to marry me but I must choose one. The 1st lady was very beautiful, I loved her but she's rude, prophet 'she can't cook, and doesn't listen to me. The second lady was very nice, well mannered, she can cook she respects me and doesn't even look at my face but she's ugly, prophet' tell me which one should I marry, Then the prophet laughed and said 'young man take the pictures of the 2 ladies and put it under your pillow at night whatever you see is talking to you' go. Then the man went home and at night he put the 2 pictures under his pillow and slept off. He dreamed about 2 kind of cars, the 1st car was beautiful, expensive but when he opened it to see the inside, behold it has nothing in it, then the man wondered in his dream '' what type of car was this, the outside was good and beautiful to behold but inside of it there were no seats, no steering, no front seat, no back seats, and inside the car was not even rugged. He left the car in annoyance, and checked the second car, but behold the second car looks old fashioned, like a cheap car, its not beautiful, the man wondered what is all this, why is this car  old fashioned, not expensive, well let me check inside maybe its like the other car without seats. As he opened the 2nd car behold it has seats, well rugged with good interior materials, it has AC, it has radio, speed meter, direction, meter, wow the man wondered this car was fully furnished, it even has wine, wow. I'll choose the second car he shouted in his dream, then he woke up and thought. What type of dream is this, then he remembered the prophet and the ladies he wanted to marry, and he quickly rushed to the prophet, saying Prophet'' this is my dream pls explain it to me,Then the prophet laughed and said, beauty without manners is like a soup without salt,  manners are the beauty of human beings so decides for your self, is it the first car you love then marry the first lady, He quickly said no ' prophet, the first car without seat without steering no I can't. The second car that indicates the second lady? but she's ugly prophet, then the prophet laughed again and said' 'you can fix a ugly woman but you can never fix a rude, bad attitude woman. From the indication of the 2nd car after you marry the 2nd lady you'll be rich then you can take care of her, no woman is ugly with the proper care and treatment she will be beautiful. The man was happy and said thank you prophet ill marry the second lady, '' NB What do you  love or hate, sometimes what you love may not be of benefits to you, sometimes that business you hate, that work you hated soo much maybe your lifeline tomorrow. Try what you hate out with love , you'll be marvel at what will happen, friends and enemies are two sides of a coin which ever face you, handle it with love and respect, sometimes your enemy maybe your biggest saviour" swallow your pride, beautiful women can't give you rest of mind, go for what will give you rest of mind. If you're educated marry uneducated person, for rest of mind, if you're handsome and beautiful marry less handsome less beautiful person for rest of mind, you've got only 1 LIFE and its not forever, stresses can shorten your life span BE WISE. It's not healthy to be thinking maybe another man is after your wife because she's beautiful, give your self rest of mind

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FREEDOM In all things we wants to do in life Freedom must be the first thing human beings ponder on. To be at peace with everyone around you, especially your neighbours, just a smile and greetings can save your life, but if you think you're better than everyone and you're not nice to them, you're full of arrogance, you're a fool, you're not free. People must seek peace, and freedom, Its must be their first plight, freedom is paramount 'Ohh when will I have my freedom' I'm thirsty for freedom and no amount of water can quench my thirst. I ponder on it day by day, I can't sleep, I can't eat, I can't smile. I cried the cries of freedom all nights to the extent that my tears for freedom rinsed my bedsheets. I drank a lot of waters but they can't quench my thirst for freedom, I played with lots of people but they can't console me nor my thirst for freedom. I looked through my windows whether I'll see someone to grant me freedom but they stared at me in disbelief. I looked to the skies to the stars, the moon, the sun, and cried aloud with all my strengths for freedom but nothing happen, when will I have my freedom, those that I thought will help me are a disappointment they can't give me freedom. I've been longing for it for a long time, my tears became my bathing water, my bed became a swimming pool soaked with my tears days and night. I'm seeking for FREEDOM when will I have it. To be able to go in, to be able to come out without fear to be able to afford things you need to be able to go to your country anytime you want, to be on your own to set your own time, to have your own house, your own cars, to have free mind to have sound sleep. Sometimes I  wonder who's free, OUR JOBS  enslaved us MONEY enslaved us, PANDEMICS enslaved us GOVERNMENTS enslaved us MARRIAGES enslaved us OUR BOSSES enslaved us, They control our time our life, our lifestyles, our weeks. Billions of people everyday chased one thing MONEY, If you see a footballer dribbling, he's searching for money, he plays weekly even on weekend he has no freedom, if you see president, he's searching for money, if you see musician he's searching for money, if you see police man he's searching for money. Nobody is free?? I we must wear mask, we must browse our phones every second, we must go to office, we must watch TV, we must travel, people on the move every seconds when will a final STOP come on all people I NEED FREEDOM while still breathing to control my time, my day, my week I NEED FREEDOM 

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The dark visitors are unwanted night guest that came to steal and kill. I don't pray for such happenings even for my fiercest enemy. Arm robbery in Italy is very low and some part of Europe, But in Nigeria, its very high, given the poor security condition in Nigeria. There was a man in Nigeria that is very strict and disciplined, He had 3 children, the eldest child  was 29 years old. The man was very rich but he doesn't spoil his children with money, he's generous and nice to other people but not to his children. This made his children very angry, when they asked for money he would not give them. He only provides foods and clothes, he doesn't even allow his children to flaunt with his cars. One day the eldest sighted that his dad had arrived with a lot of money from bank, the eldest son didn't even know what his dad wanted to do with the money. He went straight to one of his street friends and told him '' how can I have the money my dad just arrived with, He doesn't give us any money, then his street friend said '' are you sure your father came home with some money, The eldest son said yes I'm sure, up to a million '' then it's done we will steal it for you but it's 50/50 '' ahh ah the rich man son shouted, Let it be 60/50, am the one that brings the information.Then they went to their leader who told the rich man son, are you sure you saw the money?? 'yes I saw it, said the rich man son. OK at 1pm we're going to Rob your dad and you must follow us, if I sight any thing contrary you're gone' 'are we cool??. The rich man son said yes were cool, hmm' '' just because of greediness he wanted to Rob his father which may lead to his father's death all along''. So at 1pm his father, mother, and his two sisters were asleep, and immediately they heard a strange voice saying open the door now or if we break in you'll all loose your life. Immediately the rich man heard that they were thieves, He stood up and opened the door and told them, you're welcome sir pls have your seats,sir  let my wife prepare foods for you people. They were all surprised because his son had told the thieves that his dad was greedy and harsh. And immediately his wife had placed a big bowl full of meats in front of the thieves, beers, wines, But the head of the thieves said, so you want to poison us and call the police??. And the rich man replied quickly No, let me eat in the meats, and he ate from the meats he and his wife, after that the rich man went in and brought the money he brought home early and placed it in front of the thieves, saying, '' you can take all just let me and my family leave pls, 'then the thieves head asked the rich man' 'where is your eldest son, and he said' he might have gone to party with his friends, although I do warn him not to go party every time. And he asked again can you recognised him if you see him, then the rich man said yes of course I can, he's my son. Then the thieves head opened the face of his son and told the rich man '' your son bargained with us to steal your money at all cost, the thieves head said '' We thieves we don't Rob our families but your son been led by greed must die tonight because he has seen our faces and knows our secrets. The rich man pleaded but his son was killed on the spot and the thieves left with nothing, they didn't take the rich man's money, they only ate his foods and left because of his generosity and the great respect he showed them.. Now who's to blame, is it the father who don't usually give his children money, because he doesn't want them to be corrupt, or his greedy son. Beware of greediness, are you generous to your neighbour, they're watching you, you can't know your saviour on a bad day be generous and show respect to people, don't acts as if you're better than all of them, human beings are dangerous BEWARE

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School life was really good and fascinating but sometimes we learn from it, Back then at school we had caucus Your nature your attitudes will automatically directs you to the caucus you'll follow, for boys and for girls, for example we had caucus of the brightest students, they follow each other and learn from each other, so if you're a dull student you can't follow them, nobody will tell you  shame will tell you, we also had Neat students caucus, they always iron their uniforms and tucked in, they look smart, and very neat, they also have caucus. We also had late comers caucus, theyre always late to school, they'll be stopped at  school gate and flogged, they're used to it  sometimes they'll wear 3 short nickers under their school uniforms so if they're beating them, they won't feel it. Later the teachers discover it and they're beaten at their back legs. We also had thugs caucus,, they'll puncture the car tyres of their teacher whenever they were beaten we also had senior prefects caucus, you remember your seniors in school. I belong to the senior prefects ss3A, back then Nigeria system of education back then was maybe it has changed now 6 years in primary school, then 3 years in junior secondary school 3 years in senior secondary school and 4 years in university  only SS 3 wears long sleeves and trousers, from ss2 to jss1 short sleeve and short nicker so back then we senior we're so proud we can send the juniors message  we can order them to pick all dirts on the school premises so, one day I was beaten by a junior students, they knew that we're untouchable they knew the penalty,  we were like teachers back then, so this day  I went to jss 2 class and immediately I entered they greeted me '' Good afternoon sir we're happy to see you '' I'm happy and I told them thank you, then I said all  of you fall out and pick all those dirts, food remnants in the school compound and immediately they went out, except one thick robust girl. I went to her and I said are you deaf don't you hear fall out and pick dirts, but she didn't even look at me, she just said I'm writing,  'what rubbish were you writing I shouted at her, but she kept writing and with anger I whipped her with a cane  and she told me,' 'I'm respecting you 0. I told her what will you do? I whipped her again, and she stood up grabbed me and smashed my head on the black board,, hmm clearly she has more body than me, she's thick and robust, I'm short and tiny, I won't forget that day, I tried to grab her but she was sweating,  her class mates has started coming in and they're terrified to see her hitting a senior prefects. I can't take the embarrassment any longer so I forcefully grabbed her uniform and pushed her to the ground, before she could stand up I got hold of a chair and smashed it on her head quickly my mate's have arrived and they started beating the girl they shouted on her.""how dare you hit a senior prefects later she was handed to our principal who handed her 2 weeks ban from school .The next day she came with her mother to search for me but i was told I shouldn't meet her mother that she may beat me up but we reported the situation to our principal again and the girl was handed another 2 week ban for bringing her mother to cause trouble .Since that day I stopped going to jss classes again to avert another embarassment 

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Greediness is not good, it's self centered attitudes, you only think about yourself and not others. IT was in late June 2020, me and 3 of my friends were invited to a very rich man's house the man was very rich a multi millionaire handsome dad of 3. On getting there we saw his beautiful children and his wife, we went round the house, it was just like a Palace, finally we were told to sit down at the main parlour ' we sat round a dining table ready to eat, we were waiting for foods, when a young man like a chef came to us with a big bowl full of meats and some drinks, he placed it in front of us, saying' sorry guys manage this before we prepare foods. Wow this is even more than foods itself I murmured, before I could  even stretch my  hand forward one of our friends have taken the biggest meat in the bowl thinking it will be full of meats, and she's  not even ashamed, we stared at her in dismay as she opened her tiny mouth to begin eating it. That's how many people take a decision greedily, blindly, but to their own very shame it backfires. Many people are led by greed, as our friend placed her tiny teeth on the meat, '' behold and beware it was full of bones to her surprise and shame, only tiny meats surrounded the bones so one will think that it's all meat, and you know what there were only 4 meats so she's taken her own portion full of bones, who are you marrying don't marry greedily don't be in a haste, which business are you planning to do, '' oh my friend is during that business me too must do it, that's jealousy led by greediness don't do it greedily, blindly, never be in a haste. Do you know that when the rest of us finally took one, one meats behold it was full of meats but it's small but it's all meats and we enjoyed it but our greedy friend kept licking bones like dog, finally she left it in the bowl angrily while we're still enjoying our meats. It's a real life lesson greediness backfires STOP IT

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Fruits are an excellent source of essential vitamins and minerals, and they are high in fiber. include fruits in your diets, they're the best balance diets, Fruits also provide a wide range of health-boosting antioxidants, including flavonoids. Eating a diet high in fruits and vegetables can reduce a person's risk of developing heart disease, cancer, inflammation, and diabetes.Do you know that if you continue to eat fruits for 3 to 4 months it can cure all skin diseases body diseases just fruits and water yes it's that powerful fruits are natural and it's good for the body for our health and wellbeing before eating fruits daily make sure you do some workouts so as to let the fruits work well in your body .The medicines we relied on are like foods and fruits so why not eat fruits unprocessed and natural refreshing. This present generation relied solely on meals, fast foods and its killing them slowly, One person will just wake up with a crazy ideal about foods and starts an experiment on foods, after mixing many ingredients and boom people will accepts it like crazy without finding out if its healthy. Stop eating experiment foods, processed foods, canned foods, eat more fruits, limit intake of processed foods. All this new generation foods caused many health issues and if you rely on medicines you'll become a robot soon, half human half machine or half human half animal. They may implant pig heart in place of your heart, eats more fruits and drink natural waters. This present generation are the weakest, can you imagine a 9 year old with no front teeth, chocolate eating have removed all their teeths 

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In the days of our fore fathers, they don't do medical check ups, they don't take any medicines yet they're stronger, and lives longer than these present generation, why is it so. People of nowadays relied very much on medicines, medical check ups which cannot guarantee their well beings, Everywhere they go they go with their medicines, in their bags or purse medicines in the pocket they can't survive without it, they're robots. There are no medicines like natural waters, fruits, herbs, fresh vegetables fresh meats of today, chicken of today, fishes of today not the ones that are stored for months iced or processed, Back in the days in the village, when they cook goats, or chicken today we will eat it that same day, and drink free flowing natural stream water, untapped unprocessed. Back then our gran mother that was 86 years old go to the farm by her self, she stand straight not a bending back, she's very strong and she still has many of her teeth, but nowadays 9 year old child, chocolate eating has removed all their front teeth. There are many factors that are affecting the wellness and wellbeing of people of nowadays. No 1 factor was water, seriously back in the days of our great grand fathers they drank natural waters that refreshes and boost their bloods , because its waters that transformed into blood in the human body, and if the waters isn't good and natural it will cause many diseaseses in the human body. 80% of diseases in the human body is caused by waters that transformed to blood, water can transformed to blood its called life but if blood transformed to water it can lead to deaths. Back in the days our fathers are blessed with natural waters, fresh leaves, fruits, untapped unprocessed unchemicalised but nowadays its not so, what we have today is processed waters, even the companies pollution have contaminated our waters no more natural waters. I've worked in a table water company before they called something preforms, that is blown into table waters before filling it with waters, those preforms are made with chemicals and where they stored the waters before filling it was questionable. 2nd factor was foods we eat. In the days of our fathers they eat fresh foods fresh leaves fresh fruits fresh meats they'll slaughtered the goats or chickens today and eats it within 3 days but what we have today is processed foods chicken that has been frozen for days and meats how will it work well in the body, many experiments foods are now many nowadays even many drinks of today doesn't brings any goodness to the body no natural fruits again they now used chemicals to plant fruits so many factors against these generation wellbeing for longevity. For all type of sickness in the body eat fruits for 3 months and water no other drink, this can cure all illness and for all round strengths and wellbeing drink lemon before sleep and limit your sugar intake,. Children of nowadays are the weakest generation, too much chocolate have removed all their front teeth, weaker generation, Civilisations have brought us more harms than good 

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The angry wife, This is a true life story of a wife  Some years ago when me and my friends, that we were living together finally parted, because some of us had better jobs in a long distance, so it's only me living in an apartment, we used to live together before  so it's like a shame to me and besides that I can't afford rent payment so I have to move out and relocated to other affordable apartment. But this new place I relocated to was a flat it wasn't only me living there I had a couple as my neighbour, so every morning we greeted each other , I thought they were peaceful couple, until events began to unfold right before my very eyes  One Saturday, I was at home watching Manchester United vs arsenal, when I suddenly heard a voice, it was them fighting, the couple, I heard the wife saying, you think I'm a fool,  I'm not a fool and I bet you'll regret this Marcus  MARCUS, she shouted again as she went into their kitchen and brought a big stick out, I quickly off my decoder and came out to plead to her because I don't want problem.   I said pls forgive and forget what ever wrongs your husband has wrong you, but she didn't listen to me, she went straight to her husband car, Toyota yaris and smashed it hard, breaking the car glasses, Her husband rushed out and began to beg her saying, pls honey, it was just a coincident I've never met her before, and I thought, really ? honey? After breaking your car glass, but the woman didn't stop there, telling her husband I don't believe you, you're a cheater I gave you my everything, and she begins to lists, I gave you mybody, I gave you my heart  my love, my assets ,my time, I picked you up when nobody believed in you and you did this to me to repay me this way,. Her husband was speechless and even pleaded with me to beg her, we began to beg her but instead she went inside and smashed their flat screen smart TV hard, she broke it and started bringing out plates, yes, their food plates  and started to smash them on the ground,, one by one ,nobody could near her, when she finished breaking all the plates  then her eyes opened and she saw all what she had done, after that she calmed down, then her husband took her in and began to plead with her again, within 30 minutes, they were laughing again  then I said to myself what is all this, because you helped a man, and you stood on it, CAN you believe that the second day the couple went out and bought new set of plates, that her wife broke, new smart TV then they fixed new car glasses  to their Toyota yaris his wife broke  what a couple  I told my self I can't live this way, CAN YOU

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Sometimes love could be like a donkey, it was after we graduated  we were soo happy and hoping that we would get a good jobs, so we began to search for jobs, we submitted applications to different companies  Luckily few of us got called up for interviews, we came out dusted and 2 of my friends were employed to the same company where I worked, prior to that,. 3 of us lived together in the same room, before we were employed so we decided we're not gonna split for now we will keep living together as friends, but things soon changed as a couple arrived and rented an apartment very near to us,. As soon as they moved in, since that night we couldn't sleep properly any longer, because, we will be hearing screams and noises from the apartment very near to us  We told ourselves  what could be causing this noise every night from this couple. One day we decided to pay them a visit, all of us, to ask them what could possibly caused the screams almost every night. On reaching there  we knocked and they opened their door  it was the husband, and he said.. how can i help you guys, we told them that we are the ones living in the other flat, we came here because every night we hears screaming and  noises and it really affecting us so we came here to ask why is it happening every night  Then the wife quickly responded, '' nothing '' Its just that we used to watch horror movies, and we all shouted  movies??? but her husband told us '' look guys, its not horror movies, she refused me to have sex with her, and the wife was really upset and she left the man that night  we begged her, but all to no avail, then we wondered what type of love is this? could love be this dumb like a donkey ?!! 

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