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Sometimes love could be like a donkey, it was after we graduated  we were soo happy and hoping that we would get a good jobs, so we began to search for jobs, we submitted applications to different companies  Luckily few of us got called up for interviews, we came out dusted and 2 of my friends were employed to the same company where I worked, prior to that,. 3 of us lived together in the same room, before we were employed so we decided we're not gonna split for now we will keep living together as friends, but things soon changed as a couple arrived and rented an apartment very near to us,. As soon as they moved in, since that night we couldn't sleep properly any longer, because, we will be hearing screams and noises from the apartment very near to us  We told ourselves  what could be causing this noise every night from this couple. One day we decided to pay them a visit, all of us, to ask them what could possibly caused the screams almost every night. On reaching there  we knocked and they opened their door  it was the husband, and he said.. how can i help you guys, we told them that we are the ones living in the other flat, we came here because every night we hears screaming and  noises and it really affecting us so we came here to ask why is it happening every night  Then the wife quickly responded, '' nothing '' Its just that we used to watch horror movies, and we all shouted  movies??? but her husband told us '' look guys, its not horror movies, she refused me to have sex with her, and the wife was really upset and she left the man that night  we begged her, but all to no avail, then we wondered what type of love is this? could love be this dumb like a donkey ?!! 


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a year ago

fantastic, I love the school life experience kudos

a year ago

Molto molto benee