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The angry wife, This is a true life story of a wife  Some years ago when me and my friends, that we were living together finally parted, because some of us had better jobs in a long distance, so it's only me living in an apartment, we used to live together before  so it's like a shame to me and besides that I can't afford rent payment so I have to move out and relocated to other affordable apartment. But this new place I relocated to was a flat it wasn't only me living there I had a couple as my neighbour, so every morning we greeted each other , I thought they were peaceful couple, until events began to unfold right before my very eyes  One Saturday, I was at home watching Manchester United vs arsenal, when I suddenly heard a voice, it was them fighting, the couple, I heard the wife saying, you think I'm a fool,  I'm not a fool and I bet you'll regret this Marcus  MARCUS, she shouted again as she went into their kitchen and brought a big stick out, I quickly off my decoder and came out to plead to her because I don't want problem.   I said pls forgive and forget what ever wrongs your husband has wrong you, but she didn't listen to me, she went straight to her husband car, Toyota yaris and smashed it hard, breaking the car glasses, Her husband rushed out and began to beg her saying, pls honey, it was just a coincident I've never met her before, and I thought, really ? honey? After breaking your car glass, but the woman didn't stop there, telling her husband I don't believe you, you're a cheater I gave you my everything, and she begins to lists, I gave you mybody, I gave you my heart  my love, my assets ,my time, I picked you up when nobody believed in you and you did this to me to repay me this way,. Her husband was speechless and even pleaded with me to beg her, we began to beg her but instead she went inside and smashed their flat screen smart TV hard, she broke it and started bringing out plates, yes, their food plates  and started to smash them on the ground,, one by one ,nobody could near her, when she finished breaking all the plates  then her eyes opened and she saw all what she had done, after that she calmed down, then her husband took her in and began to plead with her again, within 30 minutes, they were laughing again  then I said to myself what is all this, because you helped a man, and you stood on it, CAN you believe that the second day the couple went out and bought new set of plates, that her wife broke, new smart TV then they fixed new car glasses  to their Toyota yaris his wife broke  what a couple  I told my self I can't live this way, CAN YOU





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10 months ago

it's really funny but not funny anyone can be angry but you must use your senses