days of our father
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In the days of our fore fathers, they don't do medical check ups, they don't take any medicines yet they're stronger, and lives longer than these present generation, why is it so. People of nowadays relied very much on medicines, medical check ups which cannot guarantee their well beings, Everywhere they go they go with their medicines, in their bags or purse medicines in the pocket they can't survive without it, they're robots. There are no medicines like natural waters, fruits, herbs, fresh vegetables fresh meats of today, chicken of today, fishes of today not the ones that are stored for months iced or processed, Back in the days in the village, when they cook goats, or chicken today we will eat it that same day, and drink free flowing natural stream water, untapped unprocessed. Back then our gran mother that was 86 years old go to the farm by her self, she stand straight not a bending back, she's very strong and she still has many of her teeth, but nowadays 9 year old child, chocolate eating has removed all their front teeth. There are many factors that are affecting the wellness and wellbeing of people of nowadays. No 1 factor was water, seriously back in the days of our great grand fathers they drank natural waters that refreshes and boost their bloods , because its waters that transformed into blood in the human body, and if the waters isn't good and natural it will cause many diseaseses in the human body. 80% of diseases in the human body is caused by waters that transformed to blood, water can transformed to blood its called life but if blood transformed to water it can lead to deaths. Back in the days our fathers are blessed with natural waters, fresh leaves, fruits, untapped unprocessed unchemicalised but nowadays its not so, what we have today is processed waters, even the companies pollution have contaminated our waters no more natural waters. I've worked in a table water company before they called something preforms, that is blown into table waters before filling it with waters, those preforms are made with chemicals and where they stored the waters before filling it was questionable. 2nd factor was foods we eat. In the days of our fathers they eat fresh foods fresh leaves fresh fruits fresh meats they'll slaughtered the goats or chickens today and eats it within 3 days but what we have today is processed foods chicken that has been frozen for days and meats how will it work well in the body, many experiments foods are now many nowadays even many drinks of today doesn't brings any goodness to the body no natural fruits again they now used chemicals to plant fruits so many factors against these generation wellbeing for longevity. For all type of sickness in the body eat fruits for 3 months and water no other drink, this can cure all illness and for all round strengths and wellbeing drink lemon before sleep and limit your sugar intake,. Children of nowadays are the weakest generation, too much chocolate have removed all their front teeth, weaker generation, Civilisations have brought us more harms than good 

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