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Greediness is not good, it's self centered attitudes, you only think about yourself and not others. IT was in late June 2020, me and 3 of my friends were invited to a very rich man's house the man was very rich a multi millionaire handsome dad of 3. On getting there we saw his beautiful children and his wife, we went round the house, it was just like a Palace, finally we were told to sit down at the main parlour ' we sat round a dining table ready to eat, we were waiting for foods, when a young man like a chef came to us with a big bowl full of meats and some drinks, he placed it in front of us, saying' sorry guys manage this before we prepare foods. Wow this is even more than foods itself I murmured, before I could  even stretch my  hand forward one of our friends have taken the biggest meat in the bowl thinking it will be full of meats, and she's  not even ashamed, we stared at her in dismay as she opened her tiny mouth to begin eating it. That's how many people take a decision greedily, blindly, but to their own very shame it backfires. Many people are led by greed, as our friend placed her tiny teeth on the meat, '' behold and beware it was full of bones to her surprise and shame, only tiny meats surrounded the bones so one will think that it's all meat, and you know what there were only 4 meats so she's taken her own portion full of bones, who are you marrying don't marry greedily don't be in a haste, which business are you planning to do, '' oh my friend is during that business me too must do it, that's jealousy led by greediness don't do it greedily, blindly, never be in a haste. Do you know that when the rest of us finally took one, one meats behold it was full of meats but it's small but it's all meats and we enjoyed it but our greedy friend kept licking bones like dog, finally she left it in the bowl angrily while we're still enjoying our meats. It's a real life lesson greediness backfires STOP IT

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James alod
3 months ago

Yeah it's life lesson, greediness isn't good, well done bro