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School life was really good and fascinating but sometimes we learn from it, Back then at school we had caucus Your nature your attitudes will automatically directs you to the caucus you'll follow, for boys and for girls, for example we had caucus of the brightest students, they follow each other and learn from each other, so if you're a dull student you can't follow them, nobody will tell you  shame will tell you, we also had Neat students caucus, they always iron their uniforms and tucked in, they look smart, and very neat, they also have caucus. We also had late comers caucus, theyre always late to school, they'll be stopped at  school gate and flogged, they're used to it  sometimes they'll wear 3 short nickers under their school uniforms so if they're beating them, they won't feel it. Later the teachers discover it and they're beaten at their back legs. We also had thugs caucus,, they'll puncture the car tyres of their teacher whenever they were beaten we also had senior prefects caucus, you remember your seniors in school. I belong to the senior prefects ss3A, back then Nigeria system of education back then was maybe it has changed now 6 years in primary school, then 3 years in junior secondary school 3 years in senior secondary school and 4 years in university  only SS 3 wears long sleeves and trousers, from ss2 to jss1 short sleeve and short nicker so back then we senior we're so proud we can send the juniors message  we can order them to pick all dirts on the school premises so, one day I was beaten by a junior students, they knew that we're untouchable they knew the penalty,  we were like teachers back then, so this day  I went to jss 2 class and immediately I entered they greeted me '' Good afternoon sir we're happy to see you '' I'm happy and I told them thank you, then I said all  of you fall out and pick all those dirts, food remnants in the school compound and immediately they went out, except one thick robust girl. I went to her and I said are you deaf don't you hear fall out and pick dirts, but she didn't even look at me, she just said I'm writing,  'what rubbish were you writing I shouted at her, but she kept writing and with anger I whipped her with a cane  and she told me,' 'I'm respecting you 0. I told her what will you do? I whipped her again, and she stood up grabbed me and smashed my head on the black board,, hmm clearly she has more body than me, she's thick and robust, I'm short and tiny, I won't forget that day, I tried to grab her but she was sweating,  her class mates has started coming in and they're terrified to see her hitting a senior prefects. I can't take the embarrassment any longer so I forcefully grabbed her uniform and pushed her to the ground, before she could stand up I got hold of a chair and smashed it on her head quickly my mate's have arrived and they started beating the girl they shouted on her.""how dare you hit a senior prefects later she was handed to our principal who handed her 2 weeks ban from school .The next day she came with her mother to search for me but i was told I shouldn't meet her mother that she may beat me up but we reported the situation to our principal again and the girl was handed another 2 week ban for bringing her mother to cause trouble .Since that day I stopped going to jss classes again to avert another embarassment 

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