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The dark visitors are unwanted night guest that came to steal and kill. I don't pray for such happenings even for my fiercest enemy. Arm robbery in Italy is very low and some part of Europe, But in Nigeria, its very high, given the poor security condition in Nigeria. There was a man in Nigeria that is very strict and disciplined, He had 3 children, the eldest child  was 29 years old. The man was very rich but he doesn't spoil his children with money, he's generous and nice to other people but not to his children. This made his children very angry, when they asked for money he would not give them. He only provides foods and clothes, he doesn't even allow his children to flaunt with his cars. One day the eldest sighted that his dad had arrived with a lot of money from bank, the eldest son didn't even know what his dad wanted to do with the money. He went straight to one of his street friends and told him '' how can I have the money my dad just arrived with, He doesn't give us any money, then his street friend said '' are you sure your father came home with some money, The eldest son said yes I'm sure, up to a million '' then it's done we will steal it for you but it's 50/50 '' ahh ah the rich man son shouted, Let it be 60/50, am the one that brings the information.Then they went to their leader who told the rich man son, are you sure you saw the money?? 'yes I saw it, said the rich man son. OK at 1pm we're going to Rob your dad and you must follow us, if I sight any thing contrary you're gone' 'are we cool??. The rich man son said yes were cool, hmm' '' just because of greediness he wanted to Rob his father which may lead to his father's death all along''. So at 1pm his father, mother, and his two sisters were asleep, and immediately they heard a strange voice saying open the door now or if we break in you'll all loose your life. Immediately the rich man heard that they were thieves, He stood up and opened the door and told them, you're welcome sir pls have your seats,sir  let my wife prepare foods for you people. They were all surprised because his son had told the thieves that his dad was greedy and harsh. And immediately his wife had placed a big bowl full of meats in front of the thieves, beers, wines, But the head of the thieves said, so you want to poison us and call the police??. And the rich man replied quickly No, let me eat in the meats, and he ate from the meats he and his wife, after that the rich man went in and brought the money he brought home early and placed it in front of the thieves, saying, '' you can take all just let me and my family leave pls, 'then the thieves head asked the rich man' 'where is your eldest son, and he said' he might have gone to party with his friends, although I do warn him not to go party every time. And he asked again can you recognised him if you see him, then the rich man said yes of course I can, he's my son. Then the thieves head opened the face of his son and told the rich man '' your son bargained with us to steal your money at all cost, the thieves head said '' We thieves we don't Rob our families but your son been led by greed must die tonight because he has seen our faces and knows our secrets. The rich man pleaded but his son was killed on the spot and the thieves left with nothing, they didn't take the rich man's money, they only ate his foods and left because of his generosity and the great respect he showed them.. Now who's to blame, is it the father who don't usually give his children money, because he doesn't want them to be corrupt, or his greedy son. Beware of greediness, are you generous to your neighbour, they're watching you, you can't know your saviour on a bad day be generous and show respect to people, don't acts as if you're better than all of them, human beings are dangerous BEWARE

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