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FREEDOM In all things we wants to do in life Freedom must be the first thing human beings ponder on. To be at peace with everyone around you, especially your neighbours, just a smile and greetings can save your life, but if you think you're better than everyone and you're not nice to them, you're full of arrogance, you're a fool, you're not free. People must seek peace, and freedom, Its must be their first plight, freedom is paramount 'Ohh when will I have my freedom' I'm thirsty for freedom and no amount of water can quench my thirst. I ponder on it day by day, I can't sleep, I can't eat, I can't smile. I cried the cries of freedom all nights to the extent that my tears for freedom rinsed my bedsheets. I drank a lot of waters but they can't quench my thirst for freedom, I played with lots of people but they can't console me nor my thirst for freedom. I looked through my windows whether I'll see someone to grant me freedom but they stared at me in disbelief. I looked to the skies to the stars, the moon, the sun, and cried aloud with all my strengths for freedom but nothing happen, when will I have my freedom, those that I thought will help me are a disappointment they can't give me freedom. I've been longing for it for a long time, my tears became my bathing water, my bed became a swimming pool soaked with my tears days and night. I'm seeking for FREEDOM when will I have it. To be able to go in, to be able to come out without fear to be able to afford things you need to be able to go to your country anytime you want, to be on your own to set your own time, to have your own house, your own cars, to have free mind to have sound sleep. Sometimes I  wonder who's free, OUR JOBS  enslaved us MONEY enslaved us, PANDEMICS enslaved us GOVERNMENTS enslaved us MARRIAGES enslaved us OUR BOSSES enslaved us, They control our time our life, our lifestyles, our weeks. Billions of people everyday chased one thing MONEY, If you see a footballer dribbling, he's searching for money, he plays weekly even on weekend he has no freedom, if you see president, he's searching for money, if you see musician he's searching for money, if you see police man he's searching for money. Nobody is free?? I we must wear mask, we must browse our phones every second, we must go to office, we must watch TV, we must travel, people on the move every seconds when will a final STOP come on all people I NEED FREEDOM while still breathing to control my time, my day, my week I NEED FREEDOM 

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