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THE BEAUTY & THE UGLY A man wanted to get married in the olden days but he had 2 ladies infront of him. One is beautiful but has bad attitudes, she doesn't know how to cook, she does not respects his manfriend,  The 2nd lady was well mannered full of respect knows how to cook delicious foods, but she's ugly. So the man was confused '' what will I do now he murmured, I love the 1st lady but she's very rude and slaps me often, besides she doesn't even know how to cook, but the 2nd lady  has many things I'm looking for in a lady, she's neat, she's nice, she can cook, and she's full of respect but she's ugly. Later the man went to a prophet and cried '' prophet save me I had 2 ladies I wanted to marry and both of them has agreed to marry me but I must choose one. The 1st lady was very beautiful, I loved her but she's rude, prophet 'she can't cook, and doesn't listen to me. The second lady was very nice, well mannered, she can cook she respects me and doesn't even look at my face but she's ugly, prophet' tell me which one should I marry, Then the prophet laughed and said 'young man take the pictures of the 2 ladies and put it under your pillow at night whatever you see is talking to you' go. Then the man went home and at night he put the 2 pictures under his pillow and slept off. He dreamed about 2 kind of cars, the 1st car was beautiful, expensive but when he opened it to see the inside, behold it has nothing in it, then the man wondered in his dream '' what type of car was this, the outside was good and beautiful to behold but inside of it there were no seats, no steering, no front seat, no back seats, and inside the car was not even rugged. He left the car in annoyance, and checked the second car, but behold the second car looks old fashioned, like a cheap car, its not beautiful, the man wondered what is all this, why is this car  old fashioned, not expensive, well let me check inside maybe its like the other car without seats. As he opened the 2nd car behold it has seats, well rugged with good interior materials, it has AC, it has radio, speed meter, direction, meter, wow the man wondered this car was fully furnished, it even has wine, wow. I'll choose the second car he shouted in his dream, then he woke up and thought. What type of dream is this, then he remembered the prophet and the ladies he wanted to marry, and he quickly rushed to the prophet, saying Prophet'' this is my dream pls explain it to me,Then the prophet laughed and said, beauty without manners is like a soup without salt,  manners are the beauty of human beings so decides for your self, is it the first car you love then marry the first lady, He quickly said no ' prophet, the first car without seat without steering no I can't. The second car that indicates the second lady? but she's ugly prophet, then the prophet laughed again and said' 'you can fix a ugly woman but you can never fix a rude, bad attitude woman. From the indication of the 2nd car after you marry the 2nd lady you'll be rich then you can take care of her, no woman is ugly with the proper care and treatment she will be beautiful. The man was happy and said thank you prophet ill marry the second lady, '' NB What do you  love or hate, sometimes what you love may not be of benefits to you, sometimes that business you hate, that work you hated soo much maybe your lifeline tomorrow. Try what you hate out with love , you'll be marvel at what will happen, friends and enemies are two sides of a coin which ever face you, handle it with love and respect, sometimes your enemy maybe your biggest saviour" swallow your pride, beautiful women can't give you rest of mind, go for what will give you rest of mind. If you're educated marry uneducated person, for rest of mind, if you're handsome and beautiful marry less handsome less beautiful person for rest of mind, you've got only 1 LIFE and its not forever, stresses can shorten your life span BE WISE. It's not healthy to be thinking maybe another man is after your wife because she's beautiful, give your self rest of mind

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