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Life is Good and bad, ups and downs, Read carefully my proverb poem. 2 creatures were coming from heaven, they were family, One is named BAD and his sister named GOODNESS, BAD was the senior, The junior one said to his brother and said brother, If we reach the world what will you be doing, Her brother said I will be a teacher teaching mankind with pain, so that they can learn, and whoever I teach and they learnt from me '' BAD'' very well you my sister ,'GOODNESS' 'will go and live with them. Then the sister of BAD which is GOODNESS argued that, must everyone learn from you,?' 'Me GOODNESS I will go and live with anyone I like, I will be a COMFORTER , l will show MERCY to who I want to show Mercy, then her brother which is BAD said anyone that has learnt from me are the ones you GOODNESS must live with, don't argue with me am the eldest OK. As they near the border of the world 2 of them changed, GOODNESS changed and became a beautiful BABY but the eldest BAD changed and became the placenta, so one woman who had no babies was coming and saw the beautiful baby and immediately had compassion and carried the baby and left the placenta. Many other people also passed on and no one touch or carry the placenta, and it became angry and changed again to air with annoyance to whirl wind and began chasing mankind, teaching and inflicting them with hardship. He goes to wherever he saw mankind who has hatred, rejection, sadness, but GOODNESS lives with those who had compassion and mercy for others and passion, now guys what do you have?? until you start helping others thats when GOODNESS will start following you, some have wickedness, they don't want to help at all, some have enough to eat and throws many foods away while their neighbour went hungry, it's wickedness, Let change, its applies to everyone, the story was a true spiritual story that's happening in our day to day LIFE 

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